It is said to resemble Paris, Madrid, Barcelona or New York, depending on the point of view. But there's something in the "aire"- it's citizens, it's food, and it's passion that makes Buenos Aires an unique and extraordinary city, totally different from any other.

Cosmopolitan and open at all, Buenos Aires evolved out of different waves of immigration from different cultures (Italian, Spanish, French and British mainly) that in turn have created a remarkable eclecticism. With more than 15 million inhabitants, Buenos Aires is one of the largest urban centers in the world.

People from Buenos Aires are referred to as porteños (people of the port). And the city is the birthplace of Pope Francis (former Archbishop of Buenos Aires), Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and writer Jorge Luis Borges, among others.

The city has some singular defining points, such as its unique way of expressing itself- lunfardo slang and tango music and dance. However, there is much more than its own slang and original music; for over a hundred years, it has been a great factory for the arts, a place where all muses work. It is not widely known, but Buenos Aires was appointed as the first UNESCO City of Design in 2005.

You may visit Buenos Aires all the year round, as it is a city that is always in season, and it never tires from receiving visitors that are captivated, literally, by the city atmosphere, its people and attractions, open spaces, parks and entertainment, friendly people, outstanding architecture, quality of its hotel and gastronomical services, great shopping, and so on.

The city is also a cultural hub for Latin American countries. It has the largest concentration of theaters in the world and hundreds of public and private museums which keep an important cultural heritage.

It comes as no surprise to visitors that Buenos Aires was become a top tourist destination and has been selected over the past years as one of the most attractive cities in the world by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine and Tripadvisor.

I like to recommend that my clients not only to do & see the typical things, but I also like to take them to those places that are usually not in the guidebook. It can make the difference between a standard trip and an unforgettable trip.

Each tour is custom-designed for a most memorable and enjoyable visit to Buenos Aires, but it can be modified (within reason) on a daily basis as you discover new possibilities from my guidance and expertise with the accent on flexibility.

Let me show you the best and finest of this lovely city and you will discover authentic Argentine culture and lifestyle, in timely and well-organized tours. My aim is to make every moment of your stay both wonderful and unique.